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August 2020 – Australian Property Market & Financial Update


Mini-budget Update and Property Market Predictions (Australia) // In today’s video we review the current economic climate, updates to the government stimulus packages and mini budget, as well as the impact of a second wave on property prices in Victoria. Hosted by Zara Cobb, with guest David Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Lendi.

0:00 Australian Property Market & Financial Update August 2020
1:30 What is the government’s latest budget projection for 2020-2021?
4:04 What are the impacts of the mini budget on the job market?
5:26 What are the changes to the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payment?
7:20 What are the changes to stamp duty for properties in NSW?
9:50 What are the impacts of a second wave in Victoria on property prices?
13:25 What are two tips that can help Aussie homeowners best secure their financial position?

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