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A Day in the Life of Airport Detector Dogs


It takes a team to look after Australia’s Border, and there is no better partner to have than a four-legged companion helping to sniff out items that could harm our community and environment.

Although a lot of people know about detector dogs, not many know how they do what they do, how their handlers work with them, their methods to sniffing out contraband, as well as the connection that the dogs and their handlers have with each other; they aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing.

This is the day in the life episode looks into two types of detector dog teams that work in the International Arrivals area, biosecurity detector dogs who sniff out organic material that could be harmful to our environment and border security detector dogs that sniff out explosives, drugs and other items that could harm our community.

Read into the behind the scenes about the people that work at the airport:


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