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Australia[b] small kiosk business ideas – IDskin


Australia[b] small kiosk business ideas – IDskin Open a kiosk in the shopping mall with IDskin cut machine. You can easily make and sell anti-explosion screen protector and mobile skin for all mainstream mobile phone.
IDskin is a brand from Daqin. IDskin system use your mobile phone to control the IDskin cutting plotter to cut screen protector and full body protection film.
You just need to install IDskin cut APP on your phone, and then connect with the IDskin cutting plotter with a data line. Input the film material, select your wanted model, and click cut. Within 30 seconds the cutting process will be completed.
Daqin supply multiple kinds of film material for making clear protection film. Such as: Daqin clear anti-explosion film, Daqin colorful aurora film, Daqin anti-shock film
Also Daqin supply mutiple kinds of texture film for making mobile phone back skin. Such as: carbon fiber, wood grain, super shining, camo, icy matte, colorful matte, glow in dark, light sensitive, temperature sensitive…etc.

You can even build your own franchise system with OEM IDskin cut machine. If your order is big, Daqin will OEM the APP, cutting plotter, film material, tool, cloth, package for you with your own logo.
You can start your own franchise business with your own brand! From a business owner to a franchise CEO, do you have interest? You can easily start with IDskin cut machine with low investment.

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