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Charlie Chaplin – The Fireman (1916) Color Version


Charlie Chaplin – The Fireman (1916) Color Version

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Charlie does everything but an efficient job as janitor. Edna buys her fiance, the cashier, a birthday present. Charlie thinks “To Charles with Love” is for him. He presents her a rose which she throws in the garbage. Depressed, Charlie dreams of a bank robbery and his heroic role in saving the manager and Edna … but it is only a dream.

Director: Charlie Chaplin, Edward Brewer (technical director)
Producer: Henry P. Caulfield
Written by Charlie Chaplin, Vincent Bryan, Maverick Terrell
Starring: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Lloyd Bacon, Eric Campbell, Leo White, Albert Austin, John Rand, James T. Kelley, Frank J. Coleman

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Charlie Chaplin – The Fireman (1916) Color Version
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