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Charlie Chaplin's "THE CIRCUS" – Remastered in HD | Tamil Comedy Movies | Comedy Classic Movies


Presenting Comedy Classic Movies in Tamil (Tamil Comedy Movies) “Charlie Chaplin’s “THE CIRCUS””. Exclusively on Star Entertainment Tamil. Sit back & enjoy

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Director: Charles Chaplin
Producer: Charles Chaplin
Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy & Henry Bergman

The Tramp finds himself at a circus where he is promptly chased around by the police who think he is a pickpocket. Running into the Bigtop, he is an accidental sensation with his hilarious efforts to elude the police. The circus owner immediately hires him, but discovers that the Tramp cannot be funny on purpose, so he takes advantage of the situation by making the Tramp a janitor who just happens to always be in the Bigtop at showtime. Unaware of this exploitation, the Tramp falls for the owner’s lovely acrobatic stepdaughter, who is abused by her father. His chances seem good, until a dashing rival comes in and Charlie feels he has to compete with him.

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