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Cororonavirus: Street between Wales and England split by different lockdown rules


A street has been split by different lockdown rules for England and Wales.

The border between both countries runs down the middle of Boundary Lane. And neighbours are following two sets of Covid-19 guidelines.

On one side the message is Stay at Home. On the other it is Stay Alert.

And on one side the bins are collected and residents can drive wherever they want in England.

But on the Welsh side of Saltney, near Chester, rubbish is being stored in gardens and people exercise locally.

The road is governed by two different sets of laws

Councillor Veronica Gay, who lives on the Welsh side, said: “My children live in Knutsford [England] and joked they were off to Blackpool but ‘you can’t come’.”

Boris Johnson relaxed the lockdown in England this week but the guidelines differ in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Linda Astbury, 69, said: “I prefer being on the English side, I’ve more autonomy.”

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Coronavirus outbreak

Anne Anboorallee, 66, who also lives on the English side, prefers the Welsh restrict-ions.

“I feel safer with those rules. England could have waited.”

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