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Devel Sixteen Supercar Blondie Reaction


Devel Sixteen Supercar Blondie Reaction

Supercar Blondie finally drove the Devel Sixteen! Not only did she reveal the interior of the car, but she also started it up and drove it in the deserts of Dubai.

Devel keeps promoting this car and they have FINALLY admitted that it is a prototype. They have spent the last year trying to convince us that multiple social media influencers like Supercar Blondie, Mo Vlogs and even Drake have ‘taken delivery’ of the car. Taken delivery implies purchase. No one owns a street legal copy of the car. It’s still in prototype phase.

Multiple sources have said that MAT (Manufattura Automobili Torino ) – the builder of the Devel has pulled out of the project. Now the car is supposedly going to be built in Texas by some unknown manufacturer.

And just to be clear, I have nothing against Suprecar Blondie. I have never met her and she clearly has built up an amazing brand, following and ability to bring eyeballs to a car. This video takes nothing away from her at all. I respect her, I respect her work ethic and what she has accomplished. My only issue – which I discuss in the video – is the lack of disclosure of what is a fairly obvious financial relationship with Devel to promote the car. Paid promotion is a staple of the automotive industry, and I absolutely encourage it. All I’m asking is notification of this per FTC rules and YouTube’s TOS. This disclosure is designed to protect consumers.


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