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Emmerdale viewers surprised as Malone and Harriet’s debauched past is explained


Emmerdale ‘s Harriet Finch and DI Malone have been mystifying viewers for weeks after they both got caught up in the drugs ring scandal.

Harriet was in a relationship with Will Taylor, who ended up being blackmailed by corrupt cop Malone.

Malone and vicar Harriet appeared to know each other, and their previous history had been the subject of debate on social media by viewers.

Some believed they were brother and sister, while other were sure they had a secret fling in the past.

Harriet told Malone she did not have feelings for him any more

Friday’s episode finally confirmed that they were indeed once lovers, but not only that, Malone revealed he even left his wife for Harriet, but it was all for nothing.

It comes as next weeks spoilers show the pair sharing a steamy moment in the Church.

After Malone crashed Harriet’s choir practise, they spoke alone and had a tense argument.

“This takes me back, me being reasonable, you refusing to listen to authority,” said Malone.

Malone revealed Harriet left the police force because of their affair and then lied about it

“You don’t have any authority, not with me,” replied Harriet.

Malone asked: “What was that story you told everyone again, about why you left the force?

“Oh yeah you called some scally a grass down at his local, he ended up on a feeding tube, that was it wasn’t it?”

A furious-looking Harriet replied: “It wasn’t a story.”

Some viewers are convinced they will get back together

“Wasn’t why you left,” Malone shot back.

“We were over years before, I don’t hold a torch for that long mate, sorry! ” said Harriet.

“I do,” replied Malone.

“Missed you when you took that transfer.”

“Your wife know that?” asked Harriet.

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“Yeah, I left her for you,” replied Malone, leaving Harriet looking shocked at the news.

One viewer pondered on Twitter : “So Malone & Harriet had an affair in the past, but will history repeat itself #Emmerdale “.

“So Malone wants Harriet back now, blimey!’ wrote another.

“Malone and Harriet have history together. This is getting very interesting,” added a third.

*Emmerdale airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV

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