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Group of 18 youths start ‘exercising’ after PC confronts them outside supermarket


A group of 18 young men tried to fool a police officer into thinking they were doing a mass exercise class after breaching lockdown rules to meet up.

One of the youths filmed the incident on Saturday afternoon outside Birmingham’s Lifestyle Express supermarket, with the PC seeing the funny side as he moved into the the middle of the group.

As he approached, a man ordered the others to perform high knees and then jumping jacks, shouting “let’s go” with the others following his lead.

The cameraman tells the officer: “We’re exercising, sir.”

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The youths began doing star jumps and lunges when the officer approached

The video was uploaded to Twitter on May 16 by event manager @iKhristenCraft with the caption: “Getting the 30 minutes of exercise with the community.”

It has since amassed more than 17,100 retweets and 60,800 likes.

While many praised the humour in the video, as well as the group’s good humour towards the officer, others criticised them for being so irresponsible.

One Twitter user said: “My heart breaks for those working in the frontline.

The officer found the group’s antics funny and couldn’t help but laugh as they did star jumps and lunges

“They sacrifice their lives to save ours and you cannot do the bare minimum of staying home. 

“You are practically laughing in their faces, at their sacrifices when you do things like this. How can you be ok with that.”

Darren Skelly said: “I just hope they’re not in a hospital in a few weeks on a respirator thinking to themselves how did I catch Covid-19 and give to my family? Oh yeah me and my mates acted like total t**ts.”

However, another user said: “You know what though at least they ain’t intimidating the officer and being vile like most people…I’ve seen on here so and they were funny about it but should be at home.”

Another said: “Glad the officer was chill but this is not ok.”

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