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Mexico National Guards in border security crackdown


(16 Jun 2019) Armed Mexican soldiers wearing National Guard arm bands were seen stopping vehicles north of the Guatemalan border, as the country embarks on a crackdown on irregular migration through its territory in response to U.S. pressure.
U.S. President Donald Trump threatened stiff tariffs on all imports from Mexico if the country didn’t do more on immigration.
Trump suspended the tariffs late last week.
Mexico had promised to deploy 6,000 members of its new, still-forming National Guard to control immigration in its southern border region with Guatemala as part of its recent agreement with the U.S.
On Friday Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that controls were lax at dozens of crossings at the country’s southern border and vowed to correct the situation.
The president, who took office December 1, attributed the problem to residual corruption at the National Migration Institute and the customs agency and noted that more than 500 immigration workers have been let go as part of a purge.
Mexico’s southern border is porous and difficult to patrol, with dense jungle and rivers.

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