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Michigan lawmaker apologizes for wearing apparent Confederate flag face mask


State Sen. Dale Zorn, a Republican from Ida, apologized in a pair of Twitter posts Saturday for the face mask that he wore on the Michigan Senate floor on Friday.

“I’m sorry for my choice of pattern on the face mask I wore yesterday on the Senate floor. I did not intend to offend anyone; however, I realize that I did, and for that I am sorry. Those who know me best know that I do not support the things this pattern represents,” Zorn said.

Zorn, in an interview with CNN affiliate WLNS, said his wife made the face mask for him and it was not a Confederate flag. He said that even if it were a Confederate flag, it represents a part of our history and we should be teaching about the “atrocities that happened during that time” so it doesn’t happen again.

He told WLNS the mask was a pattern similar to that of either the Kentucky or Tennessee flag.

“My actions were an error in judgment for which there are no excuses and I will learn from this episode,” he added in his apology statement on social media.

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