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Start Working On Your Summer Body Now! Here’s How…


Let’s face it, motivating ourselves to workout or go to the gym is never easy, especially during the colder months when all we want to do is bundle up, sip hot cider, eat sweets, and watch TV.

While these urges may seem great in the moment, summer has a tendency to creep up behind us with no warnings. We find ourselves doing juice cleanses or going hungry to look good in our bikinis and swim trunks. Don’t fret, there are ways you can still enjoy the coziness of the winter weather while working towards your summer body.

Here are 8 tips to start making better choices to achieve your fitness and wellness goals now!

1. Create a Routine

Create a simple day-to-day schedule that will allow you to eat whole home-cooked meals, hydrate, and exercise. Be sure to include a solid morning routine that may include meditation or gratitude practices. Be intentional with everything that you do.

2. Exercise

Create a simple exercise routine that fits your lifestyle and abilities. Make it a point to

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