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Stay at Home Jobs That Pay in 2020 & Beyond


Many companies are now offering legit stay at home jobs that pay well, but you can also earn online with freelance stay at home jobs. 

If you’re searching for a job that will remain profitable in the long run, consider the following positions: 

Stay at Home Jobs That Pay in 2020 & Beyond

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is currently among popular stay at home jobs. You can work from anywhere really, and you’ll be helping your clients with things like email replies and management, creating content, scheduling meetings, bookkeeping, billing, accounting, sending out proposals or materials, communication with clients, and similar jobs. 

The hourly pay is really good, usually between $20 and $45 for the basic services, and much more if you can also offer specialized services like translation and market research, or have knowledge from very specific industries like tech, finance, or law.  

Copywriting and Editing Services 

Every website needs content, and not any content will do. It has to be valuable to the readership, adhere to Google’s best practices when it comes to SEO, and also have a distinct voice and tone that resonates with the business. 

For most businesses, it’s hard to tick all those boxes themselves, so they are always searching for someone who can do that instead of them. If you’re a good writer, you should definitely try copywriting and/or editing. It’s among the easiest stay at home jobs to start with. 

You will earn online by creating content for websites, blogs, even writing newsletters, or you’ll take already published content and work on optimizing and updating it. It’s best to first take on small projects and build your portfolio, so you can charge higher rates. At the start, you could make as little as $20 per 1,000-word article, but later on, you can charge up to $500 per 1,000 words.

Developer Jobs 

Stay at home jobs that pay the most are often related to IT though. The highest paying stay at home jobs that are definitely here to stay are developer jobs – be it web development, front-end, back-end, full-stack, or very specific jobs like being a data scientist, DevOps developer, or security dev. 

It takes intricate knowledge of programming languages and systems for this line of work, but if you have a knack for it, you should invest time in learning. Annual earnings easily pass the $100,000 mark. 

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Bookkeeping is one of the most popular stay at home jobs, and the most demanded one. Every business needs bookkeeping, and small businesses, in particular, are often trying to outsource their bookkeeping. With the right skill set, you can easily make between $20 and $40 per hour.

You will need basic accounting skills to do this job, but you should also be organized and know your administrative duties. Because bookkeeping services are so heavily sought after, there are many people offering them. You should look into getting a certification to really stand out in the crowd. 

There’s no lack of jobs you can do online, but it’s hard to find those that pay well. If you’re looking for ways to earn online, always look for jobs that are here to stay.

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