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The Cure ( 1917 ) – Charlie Chaplin Movies


The Cure ( 1917 ) – Watch ( Silent )( Charlie Chaplin ) Movies ( Black & White) (Colored ) ( HD )

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🔴 About
The Cure is a 1917 short comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. The plot revolves around alcohol, being made just prior to prohibition but during a period where the politicians were debating the evils of alcohol.

🔴 Synopsis
Chaplin plays a drunkard who is attending a hydropathic hotel, presumably to dry out, but brings along a big suitcase full of alcohol. He gets trapped in a spinning revolving door then traps the foot of a large man with a bandaged foot, suffering from gout. He encounters a beautiful young woman and sits between her and a man who keeps offering him the spa water (which he keeps pouring away). The girl encourages him to stop drinking. He meets the big man again who tries to get the hotel manager to throw him out. Instead he gets taken for a Turkish massage.

🔴 Cast
Charlie Chaplin as The Inebriate
Edna Purviance as The Girl
Eric Campbell as The Man with the Gout
Henry Bergman as Masseur
John Rand as Sanitarium Attendant
James T. Kelley as Sanitarium Attendant
Albert Austin as Sanitarium Attendant
Frank J. Coleman as Head of Sanitarium

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