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WW2 The True Cost Of War: Final Days Of The Nazis Documentary 2019 part 3


Final Days of the Nazis: The Allies Strike Back; Twilight of the Axis”
The documentary examines the botched raid on the German-occupied harbour of Dieppe, France in August 1942, which resulted in the loss of around 4,000 Allied men and drove home just how costly an invasion of France would be. The programme also focuses on Hitler’s order in 1945 to destroy any military or industrial facilities that could be useful to the enemy – which would have condemned the German people to utter desolation. Last in the series.

The conflict examined through recorded figures and statistics. This new documentary frames the Second World War in terms of numbers to give viewers an instant snapshot of its cost, its horrors and of the reasoning behind the big decisions made. The gimmick becomes a bit intrusive, as endless statistics rattle across the screen, but they are useful at times.

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