Business is booming.

Tesla surprises Wall Street with first-quarter profit, stock rallies 9%



Tesla Inc. beat Wall Street expectations for its first quarter, the first to reflect the economic destruction wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. See full story.

Microsoft tops $10 billion in earnings, beating even pre-coronavirus expectations

Microsoft Corp. outperformed the financial expectations that it faced even before the coronavirus in an earnings report Wednesday, sending shares slightly higher in after-hours trading. See full story.

Gilead reports early positive data in remdesivir studies as COVID-19 drug, though Chinese trial sees no benefit

Gilead Sciences Inc.’s experimental drug remdesivir met the main goal in a closely watched government-funded clinical trial treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients, garnering support from officials who said the drug will be the standard of care. But a separate study, also disclosed on Wednesday, found that the therapy did not lead to clinical improvement in patients in China. See full story.

U.S. stocks end higher after Fed outlines plans for protracted fight to revive economy hit by coronavirus

Dow finished up 530 points Wednesday, after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he’s in no hurry to dial back fiscal support designed to counter the economic damaged of the coronavirus pandemic, but might offer more aid. See full story.

This disturbing visual of how viruses spread in planes might make you feel a lot better about staying at home

“I’m not afraid of flying, I just fear I’m going to die,” John Madden, the 84-year-old coaching legend, explained in an interview decades ago. “I think I’m vulnerable.” This animated graphic surely won’t change his mind about his vulnerability. See full story.


‘I am torn between supporting our town and our nation’s economy, and ensuring that I don’t contribute to an increase in coronavirus infections.’ See full story.

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