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Housing Market Update | ALARMING Signals From The Pros (economic crisis 2020)


Housing Market Update | ALARMING Signals From The Pros (economic crisis 2020)

0:00: Intro
1:30: Professional thoughts on the housing market
5:00: What to expect during a market cycle
10:35: What are the pros doing to pivot during a crash
19:32: What actionable steps would you give rookie real estate investors

Welcome back to your housing market update for August 28, 2020.

In today’s video I bring back Dave Seymour from Flipping Boston on A&E and my partner & friend Kevin Tuttle who spent over 20 years in the hedge fund space turn real estate investor. In this housing market update video, I ask these professional real estate investors several questions that pertain to the housing market update and the looming economic crisis 2020. Dave & Kevin provide some very valuable insight and information in regards to the housing market update, the us economy, and how to survive a housing market crash with experience from being part of a market correction in 2008.

The first question I asked Dave & Kevin is what their thoughts are on the housing market update, they both replied with how the economy is being floated by fake money, something that has never happened before in the us economy. There is A LOT of confusing in regards to the economic crisis 2020. The housing market is staying afloat at the current moment but we need to look at how big the hole in the real estate boat is and we are still waiting for the next big event to happen to see the effects of the housing market crash.

The rules of the real estate market have completely changed and it’s a chaotic housing market. There is a big illusion in the housing market that gives a false sense of security for some consumers and rookie real estate investors. And the banks are tightening the belt of lending & are prepared for when the mortgage forbearance start to expire. But the housing market crash can be an excellent time for real estate investors to create wealth. And one of the best ways to prepare yourself as a real estate investors during a market correction is to educate yourself and come up with a plan. Strategies like short sales, lease options, and owner financing will be the strategy of choice when it comes to real estate investors planning to invest during economic crisis 2020.

Study Study Study the housing market, the economy, and the area you plan to invest in. Educate yourself, find a mentor, learn exactly what strategy that you will be using as a real estate investor.

Hope you enjoyed this housing market update!

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