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Fact or Fantasy? 8 Real Ghost Videos


The internet would lead you to believe paranormal activity is everywhere. However, with easy access to video editing and up-loaders hungry for views, the distinction between fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred. In this video we will review eight videos the internet has to offer as evidence, although some of it is clearly more fantasy than fact.

8 – Playful ghost knocking skateboards over

7 – Casper-like ghost fleeing the scene of a gang fight

6 – Spooky video shows the moment bubbles were blown across a deserted restaurant – which the owner blames on a resident GHOST

5 – Ghost caught on CCTV

4 – Ghost object goes past the Christmas tree view in Thermal camera

3 – A ghost or spirit moving a chair and taking a seat.

2 – Ghost walks through cars

1 – North Korean ‘ghost boats’ wash ashore in Russia

Are they fact or fantasy? You decide…


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