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How to make money from videos Newsflare Review


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It depends on how your video is used. Typically if your video sells you’ll earn around £25-100, however, if it is really popular it is possible to earn over £1000.

There are several ways your video might be used:

Direct sale: A website wants to use your video for a set period of time, depending on where it is placed and how long they want to use it, you could earn anything from £25 to £1500.

For example, if it is placed on Facebook, payments are typically around £25 (note: Facebook payments aren’t based on views as brands/ companies aren’t making money through advertising on Facebook).
Ad / Revenue share: A website may use your video and pop advertising around it to generate money. Newsflare will share the amount of money generated with you.

Depending on how popular your video is and how long it’s in demand you could earn £5-200 per month. once your balance is more than £10 we’ll attempt to make payment to your PayPal account.

The table below outlines the payment terms for our biggest partners that we work with:

Rumble 30 days following month-end
LiveLeak 60 days following month-end
MSN 60 days following month-end
Yahoo! 60 days following month-end
DailyMotion 90 days following month-end
AOL 90 days following month-end

Also, in order sell your video as widely as possible around the world we work with the Associated Press, who license Newsflare video via their Video Hub. We have also partnered with Reuters, to increase your chances of selling a video. Please note, that AP declares video sales monthly and Reuters report to us quarterly, so your payments might take some time to be processed.
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