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I DID 30 SPIN CLASSES IN 30 DAYS AND THIS HAPPENED (+how to schedule your workouts)


Yikes! 30 spin & barre classes in 30 days… My goal was to lose a bit of belly fat and start seeing some abs. (Spoiler: it kinda worked!). Please let me know what other kinds of challenges you would like to see! This was so fun & motivating to film 💖💛

3:15 starting body
6:20 two-week body update
10:30 spin babes 😛
7:20 how to schedule time for the gym
14:37 four-week body update
15:37 how im feeling // how it went
19:10 side-by-side body comparison

Gretchen Geraghty’s video:

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I’m a 22 year old from Canada, living in Montreal. I’m currently in University studying business & will soon be studying abroad in Australia! I love clothes, skincare, food, and spinning & plan on making videos about all of the above 🙂


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