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ABC's coverage of George Pell was emblematic of a 'vicious echo chamber'


Sky News host Andrew Bolt has prosecuted the facts from the day the George Pell case begun, and has himself been the target of media criticism, but says the ABC “doubled down today, [when] they should have been ashamed of themselves, and reflected”.

The ABC is the “biggest media outfit in Australia,” and they have “persecuted Pell for years and years and years,” while not one single ABC presenter or ABC journalist ever stopped and said “wait a minute these claims against Pell have huge holes in them”.

“Everyone of them who spoke in this matter, spoke against Pell”.

Mr Bolt told Sky News host Paul Murray ABC Journalist Louise Milligan won awards for her book about Pell’s demise “retailing allegation against Pell, every single one of which has fallen over”.

The ABC’s coverage of this saga “shows to me a vicious echo chamber and back attack [of] a supposedly unbiased media organisation,” Mr Bolt said.

“If the ABC can do it to George Pell, they can do it to anyone”.

Image: AP


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