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In the West 'authority is weaker than ever'


Sky News host Andrew Bolt says he wonders when the ABC will realise when “anarchy” arises from the protests, journalists will be among those targeted by rioters.

His comments come in the wake of numerous incidents of journalists being involved in altercations in the United States and the UK while reporting upon protests following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd.

Widespread violence, looting and destruction have been seen in major cities across the world with police arresting thousands to quell the mayhem.

“This is the revolution, the uprising that so many journalists here’ in Australia’s left-leaning media “have been excusing or even cheering on”.

“Journalists love to attack authority, but in the west that authority is weaker than ever,” he said.

“Attack too much, it will collapse, and what follows will be so very dangerous”.


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